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We are passionate about empowering others, giving people the confidence they need to be fulfilled in their chosen profession and finding a smarter way of working.  Each of us has actively lead the development of personnel within the companies where we worked and discovered our fulfillment was through watching our clients grow.  

Now it’s our turn to share our knowledge with the world through mentoring your staff in commercial and contract management. We work by providing advisory services, one-on-one or through group training, with the goal of helping companies to grow, maintain and retain their valued resource, their employees.

We have consultants working with Finance, Marketing, Project Management, Document Control, Project Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Carrie Pretorius

Carrie Pretorius

Managing Director / Senior Advisor

cpr@ preconsulting. no / +47 46404290

Masters in Law with a focus on Contract Law, Oil & Gas Law and Construction Law.  Extensive experience in commercial and contract management, operational management and research. Guest lectured UiA Grimstad in Contract Management for Complex Construction Contracts.

Focusing on Contract management, change order procedures and improving contract value.

Peter James

Peter James

Senior Contract Advisor

Peter@ preconsulting.no / +47 91009388

 Over 20 years of Contract and Commercial Management experience in Aerospace and Aviation, Oil and Gas, including 10 years on Contract Managing one of the largest PFIs in UK.

Excited to bring new and better contracting to industry and governments alike.

Tahnee Bains

Tahnee Bains

Design Services Consultant

Available from July 2020

Contemporary womenswear designer with experience in product development, merchandising, communication design, and supply chain management for small to medium sized businesses.

Supporting businesses in finding creative solutions. Got an idea, let’s talk.

Our Mission Statement

Pretorius Consulting’s mission is to help companies improve their contract value.

Sustainability is vital in everything we do.  

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